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Marine Berth Operator VR Training Module

Built from the ground up, this Training Module is an interactive virtual reality training simulation for Marine Berth Operators. A high level, single player VR simulation to introduce and assess Marine Berth Operator competency. Highly intuitive VR simulation with a key focus on safety training and immersive impact to maximize learning and retention.



Suite 1742: Bed-In for Peace

The highly publicized and controversial passage of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Montreal, 1969, left its mark, and the Queen Elizabeth Hotel (Fairmont Hotels) still attracts a great amount of fans to their famous Suite 1742. UNLTD was commissioned to create this immersive VR experience of the bed-in for peace where we are taken back in time to live this historic event from John & Yoko's perspective. 

Co-Producer/Agency: MASSIVart

Client: Ivanhoé Cambridge and Fairmont Hotels


L'Oréal: Halloween Makeup Tutorial

UNLTD created this VR concept for L’Oréal’s Nyx makeup brand for a Halloween store launch. In this immersive promotional experience, we can pick and choose between famous Youtubers Kimberley Weber, Samantha Ravndahl and Sonjdra Deluxe and sit side by side as they take us through a personal Halloween makeup tutorial.

Client: L'Oréal Cosmetics

In the Shoes of an LGBT Person

UNLTD partnered with the Fondation Jasmin Roy to create a project to develop empathy for LGBT people, and raise awareness of microaggressions and inappropriate behaviors that they experience.  Through the use of virtual reality, we foster learning about positive and open relationships that are difference-inclusive.


CN Immersive Training Tools

UNLTD created an immersive learning experience for Canadian National Railway. The experience introduces the implementation by CN of new technology that make the tasks of thousands of field partners and data-based associations easier, faster and more accessible in real time. It also gives all employees the unique opportunity to experience what it is really like to be in the middle of a busy railroad. 


Fifty Shades Darker: The Masquerade Ball, A Cinematic VR Experience

A cinematic VR experience that invites viewers to join a memorable scene from the film – the elegant masked ball that takes place at the Christian Grey's family mansion. UNLTD was commissioned by our friends at 5th Wall Agency for the shooting and post-production of this promotional VR experience for Universal Pictures sequel to the hit film "50 Shades of Grey".

Agency: 5th Wall Agency

Client: Universal Pictures



Les pieds en haut : l’adolescence de Lou is an interactive virtual reality experience based on a documentary process with autistic people. This single player experience lets the audience dive into Lou's point of view as a 12 years old autistic teen on his first day attending his new high school, where the user is invited to react to diverse new information and sensory stimuli Lou encounters by applying autistic strategies taught to them by the experience.


Trinity: A Sci-fi Virtual Reality Experience 

A live-action, immersive, interactive, virtual reality sci-fi head-trip… is the best way to describe Trinity. UNLTD has created a highly innovative, fully immersive, interactive virtual reality experience using live-action characters, big-movie VFX and the latest in interactive design. We’re working with a new story-telling platform and an amazing new narrative visual language that’s revolutionary in the way we tell stories. The series pilot was released in December 2018 an is now available on Oculus and Steam!



VIOLETTE presents a universe where fiction and reality are interwoven to give life to unprecedented human connections. In this piece exploring themes of isolation and consent, each participant is given the chance to enter one woman’s unique inner world and access her unusual perspective on a reality often experienced by marginalized women. Become the sole witness to Violette’s untold story.



WILLIAM is a short dramatic virtual reality web series that will immerse users into the young life of William, an Indigenous child who is taken from his home and sent to one of 139 residential schools in the country. The project’s goal is to combine new technology, history and culture to foster education, truth and reconciliation.

UNLTD was in charge of image conception, VFX and post production.

Production: Nish Media



UNLTD was hired by the QFTC (Quebec Film & Television Commission) to create a promotional immersive experience highlighting the impressive array of creative and technical talent as well as shooting locations available in Quebec for the production and post-production of movies and television series. Due to severe COVID travel restrictions in 2020/2021, the QFTC was unable to hold their annual producer tours to promote the province to foreign productions. The “Fam Tour VR” was created, and virtual meetings were held where Quebec stakeholders were able to meet and pitch their services virtually. The strategy was very successful, with the Fam Tour VR immersive experience created by UNLTD leading to an additional $300 million in signed production services.




UNLTD partnered with the Fondation Jasmin Roy to create a project to develop empathy and fight bullying at schools, "Ateliers 360"  aims to stimulate empathy and develop emotional and interpersonal skills among high school students.   Through the use of virtual reality, we develop the skills to react and incite a call to action to mobilize and find solutions.



Les pieds en haut: Mathys, first phase of the Les pieds en haut project, is an experience that invites the audience to dive a 5 years old autistic child's perception of a moment from his daily life. Les pieds en haut is an inclusive project which promotes collaboration and the voices of autistic children, teens and adults at each phase of the project. 

The Les pieds en haut: Mathys app is offered through workshops and conferences in schools, organizations, and workplaces to promote a better understanding of autism and to actively contribute to the inclusion of all forms of intelligence in society.

Fall Into Me - The British Billionaire VR Experience

A&E Networks wanted to give Fall Into Me fans extra content as part of the new digital series marketing strategy. UNLTD was commissioned to shoot a 3-episode VR experience to give fans additional scenes and an intimate first-person view of the main character's world. To achieve this, UNLTD developed an actor-wearable VR camera rig specifically for this shoot.

Client: A&E Networks and Minority Media


D-BOX  ICAR VR Experience

UNLTD created this experience for D-Box Technologies and ICAR Racing to promote both D-Box's Cinematic Motion System and ICAR's supercar racing experiences. We're the co-pilot aboard a Nissan GTR as we're taken for a super-fast lap with former IndyCar driver Bertrand Godin. Buckle up!

Client: D-BOX and ICAR




UNLTD created a VR experience for Intercontinental Hotel’s new Montreal event space, to be completed shortly. From the original CAD architectural plans, we recreated the new space in 3D in order to give the viewer a live tour of what the hotel event space will be like - an effective new promotional and sales tool.

Agency: Dada

Client: Intercontinental Hotels


Bell Media: Louis-Jean Cormier in a Cadillac!

The sensational Québécois musician Louis-Jean Cormier makes us serenade as we ride alongside him in the streets of Montreal in a beautiful 1966 Cadillac convertible! This VR experience experienced by more than 10,000 people during the Francofolies music festival in Montreal last summer.

Agency: 1one Productions

Client: Bell Media

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